- Varisia Unearthed -

Arnis Journal Day I in Sandpoint

Trouble with Goblins

I cannot say that my day was uneventful.

I have come to the town of Sandpoint to find the Pharasma priest that has gone missing and to bring comfort to her followers. It seems that I have stumbled onto something bigger. Maybe it has something to do with the missing priest…or maybe not. I came out of meditation to find that the town had been attacked by goblins. They were in search for something known as the Smokey Stone. I went to the Cathedral to see if there was anything that I could do but this battle was long over. I met two men there that fought off the goblins and turned them away. A paladin named Indros and an elf wizard named Cerein. They seem to be true of heart but I do not trust them. Maybe in time…then again I trust no one. There were two others that fought alongside them but they were off attending to other business.

Something is amiss in this town. The more we explore the more we reveal it’s true face. We tracked the Smokey Stone to a red headed deviant that sells, mostly stolen, goods out of the Fat Man’s Feed Bag, a vile pub that caters to the feces of the lowest of the low. But I do find it entertaining. The red headed bastard gives us all the information that we need for the price of a few pints. The trail led us to Darcy (I believe that is his name), the leader of the Blue Miners, who came into town to help with the mines but he turned out dirtier than what was dug out of the tunnels. Apparently all we had to do was follow the trail of dead bodies…and create a few of our own. We found ourselves in the bowels of the city at the lower docks. The trail led us to the Hydrus Fang where we recovered the Smokey Stone, after a short skirmish. Although we were caught off guard, thanks to the curiosity of Cerein, by the Undead Miners that he had in the cargo hold. We fought them off bravely…well more the paladin and the sheriff. Cerein and myself suffered a few wounds and paralysis. I hate the Undead.

I have spent many years and traveled many miles seeking out other clerics. A new adventure will be good to get the blood flowing to make you feel alive again. for now I will stay with these companions. Maybe they will survive longer than other companions I have met throughout the years.



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