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Cerein Journal Adventure not afoot

Good times waiting for a supply caravan

I have been in the town of Sandpoint for a day waiting for a caravan that contains some essential needs for our dig. Unfortunately I have heard that some caravans are days behind, I hope that this is not the case with ours. I know I am only a low level assistant on the site and do appreciate being invited to assist at the site. I was at first disappointed to be assigned to travel to Sandpoint and wait around for the delivery, but as luck would have it, there is a local festival tomorrow and a dedication for the rebuilt church. I hear talk amongst the townsfolk that there was some sort of scandal that is associated with the church, what that is I have had gleaned yet. Perhaps after the festival tomorrow lips will be loosened with ale and grog during the revelry. I have noticed that more people of the adventuring type have started to appear in town, I even hear talk that there is a paladin of Aroden in town! Can you believe it, a paladin of Aroden! That would be someone to speak with.

The positive part of being sent on this errand is I get to practice offensive and defensive spells that I do not get to use unless I am on the road traveling. I do wish I could travel more often. I have only practiced those types of spells when my uncles have come to visit during their downtime from the Pathfinders. Father does not speak well of that group and quite a few members of our family are/have had been members. That creates a heated conversation from my father.

There is a bit of a divide in me as I would love the opportunity to track down lost texts and artifacts, see the land, experience many cultures and increase my knowledge of the magical arts. I know my father would be disappointed if i joined the Pathfinders and my uncles would be thrilled. I am not sure I agree with their stance of hiding items they have found, or at least letting the general populace know what they have unearthed. Their is a bit to much secrecy with that group. I can understand keeping items of a dangerous nature kept secret from certain empires.


awesome man, nice job.

Cerein Journal Adventure not afoot

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