- Varisia Unearthed -

Friends in High Places

A Call to Arms

this scroll is of fine parchment and is bound by a red ribbon and bears the official wax seal of the Indros Family

Lieutenant Commander Flenkis Waravon,

I write to you in the very early hours of Oathday, The First of Sarenith, you should be reading this tonight at best or by Fireday at the very worst. I had hoped to be speaking with you in person after my return to Magnimar and under better circumstances. A great tragedy has befallen Sandpoint. There was an organized assault on Sandpoint during the festival and unveiling of the new Cathedral of Iomedae. With the help of a few brave souls we were able to overcome and push back our attackers. Upon investigation of the attack as to why and how this came about, a plot to take the city has revealed itself. Fernik Maire, Councilman and owner of the Sandpoint Red Tears Mine, has conspired to overthrow the city and place himself as Mayor of Sandpoint. Fernik has had the mine shut down for bogus reasons and has been brining in “Miners” under false pre-tenses. These “Miners” purpose is not to get the mine back up and operational, no, their purpose is to aid in overthrowing the city. If Sandpoint falls into the wrong hands it could be great trouble for Magnimar, as this by land is not only a major trade route, but the last line of defense before you reach Magnimar from the North up the coast or from the East. If not for these reasons alone, I have some more troubling news, I have discovered undead here in Sandpoint as well. There very well could be an even greater threat here than Fernik Maire. Sheriff Belor Hemlock whom I entrusted this letter with knows Sandpoint better than anyone, if you need any information you don’t already have on the city he is your man. Sandpoint needs to be secured, Mayor Kendra Deverin is under 24 hour watch by the town guards and I am going to continue my investigation in the meantime.

I know I can count on you old friend.

Send your family my best.

~Eudoxius Indros



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