- Varisia Unearthed -

Goblins and the sea beast

We have learned that Amico Kaijistu has been kidnapped by Nawalia, and intended to be sacrificed to Lamashtu. We believe the sacrifice is for a Rite of transformation and Nawalia wishes to remove her “angelic taint” and become something far worse. We have traversed a many tunnels and have come out close to the Thistletop lair, we can see the tip of it above the treetops. Arnis & Revan went to scout entrances to the lair and have only found one passage through a giant wall of brambles, this would be a great spot to herd people to or ambush them.

I was right about the brambles, as we were passing through we started hearing goblin calls, like a alarm to let others know some cattle have been herded into their trap. As we left the passageway it opened to a small clearing with a cave entrance, the calls were getting louder and our only option was to enter the cave. We proceeded with haste and caution into the cave and saw nothing but a dead end and a hole that went down very far. The calls were getting louder and closer, we were arguing about what we should do, go down into the unknown or try and face a large contingent of goblins. Down the hole into the unknown! We tied 2 lengths of rope together and went spelunking, now this reminded me of my days with Professor Maddry and I started to reminisce of the times when I did not fear for my life. I know some of my family would be thrilled with what I have been up to.

The hole led to a underwater cave and we were on a shelf that was exposed due to the low tide. As I touched the floor a loud roar was unleashed from the other side of the cave and then I heard a giant splash.Maybe it would have been better to face the goblins? Goblins I know what they look like and are capable of, now we have a massive water bound beast to be wary of. Seconds after this thought a giant seal appeared on the edge of the shelf, this monstrosity was as tall as Eudoxius’ and had the mouth of a shark with as many rows of teeth. The seal let out another fearful roar, the effect it had on me crushed my spirit of adventure and my will to help the others engage it in battle. I will admit that this was not my finest moment, the fear of death was overwhelming me and I had to flee from this monster. In my hysterics I jumped into the water that was still in the cave and was beset with the urge to try and swim away. The battle was not going well for my companions. The seal was swift and it hide very tough, then it got a hold of Eudoxius, a hold so crushing he dropped his weapon. Feeling the cold water lap into my face and witnessing the Eudoxius’ sword falling from his grasp snapped me out of the fear of the beast. I was once again able to stand by my comrades side and aide in this battle, I climbed to the highest point of the outcropping and steadying my crossbow with bow hands, breathing deeply I focused and let loose a bolt with such accuracy it flew into the seals open maw and was lodged in the back of it’s throat. Time seemed to slow as I watched the creatures eyes grow wide with pain and then it seemed as if the the black pupils slowly faded to a cool grey as the life was leaving it’s body. We needed to tend to Eudoxius’s wounds with haste, I am so glad we have met the cleric Arnis as he was able to lay hands on Eudoxius.



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