- Varisia Unearthed -

ichor of evil

The days are blurring together as the plot against Sandpoint is becoming clearer, it feels like old sins are awakening and clawing their way to the surface and will strangle the life from all they encounter.

I know there is some missing details from my last entry to this entry and even now I am having a hard time writing. I am very afraid of losing my life. A ghoul almost ended my brief wandering of this world, this has shaken me and I cannot even begin to chronicle the events of that night. I have to proceed with caution as I am not very experienced in the adventuring world. Coming from a world of antiquity, where are most dangerous encounter is with vagabonds or unsteady engineering, I must change the way I think.

The threat to Sandpoint appears to be more than just one councilman’s quest for power, a truce between the different goblin tribes has also been orchestrated by the councilman, the bastard child of a wealthy busnessman((Kaijutsu) – who is the father of the woman who owns the Rusty Dragon) and the girl Nawalia who is suspected to have been involved with the church’s arson. They are conspiring to topple Sandpoint, but for what purpose? The local sheriff has gone to Magnimar(the family of Eudoxius Indros lives there and has sway with the government. Thankfully Eudo sent along a letter verifying the need for additional aide and with his family’s status will hopefully expedite the request).



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