- Varisia Unearthed -

Natures abomination

My memory is foggy, and there are gaps where I am missing a piece of important message. I feel like my mind has altered, the large pieces are there but I cannot make out the details. Eudoxius and Arnis seem to be experiencing the same gaps in their memories.

We were traveling to Magnimar in search of sheriff Hemlock, who was due back in Sandpoint 2 days prior. Fearing that the goblin attack was still pending we left to find Hemlock or try and secure additional forces from Magnimar, we were making good time. We encountered a abandon caravan, and went to investigate the surrounding woods. As we m.ade our way through the forest we came upon a clearing and saw something in the grass, we could not make out exactly what it was, but I felt we found some members of the caravan.

The sight made me uneasy, as we got closer they were bodies. Upon closer examination the people were all laying face down in nightgowns. It seems like they may have lived in the structures we could see in the distance, there appeared to be 1 large house and maybe 2 smaller cabins or sheds right before the tree line. As we neared the house, you can see a change in the grass from green and lush to withered and fragile. Eudoxius seemed to be on edge, but he did not let on that something was amiss, and I felt anxious, and my body was reacting to something that my brain had not registered yet.

We entered the house and found a dead body. The curious part about this dead body, was the cause of death and the scorched walls and floor around the body. The face was gaunt with dark circles around the eyes. The jaw seemed extended beyond that of a normal being, almost like a snake that can dislocate it’s jaw to swallow prey. Except for some reason it reminded me of something escaping from this shell of a man. The death was identical to the way Tsuto died in a locked cell that no one had access to.

We found something in the house, and this is where my memory starts to fail me. We were in the upstairs bedroom and found a bloodied axe… something was carved in the floor… what was it? Passing through the rest of the house and the cabins is a blur, almost as if was only partially conscious.

As we exited the last cabin, it was eerily quiet an unnatural stillness. My eye was drawn to the tree line, where there was one large dead tree and it seemed like the blight was emanating from this tree. How could this be possible? As we stood there watching, we noticed movement in the ground and the branches of the tree were starting to slither towards us.

As the adrenaline started to wake me, I realized the source of the blight was a undead Treeant! I have never seen one, I have heard that one of my cousins have encountered this abomination of the forests and 2 of his companions fell to it. I knew we had to stay out of it’s reach, there seemed to be a aura of some sort that it was emanating and Eudoxius seemed to fare the worse from it.

Arnis shouted that something was moving behind us. My felt my stomach drop and had the feeling this tree ant was not the only undead being in the clearing. Just as I feared the bodies we passed earlier had risen. Then the door to a cabin opened and another lifeless being was staggering at us.

Fire and magic was on our side as we battled the tree ant. Some flaming bolts, flasks of oil and a few defensive spells stopped the approaching tree ant. Now we had to worry about the ghouls that were approaching. Eudoxius connection with his Diety seemed to be flowing through him and casting its divine protection to those that traveled with him.



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