- Varisia Unearthed -

The Glassworks

Sleep is but a luxury

Good thing that sleep is more of a luxury than a necessity to me.

I met the other heroes in the very late/early hours. Reavin a Rogue and Shilani a monk off on her exploration on the world. We gathered at the Rusty Dragon for some rest, a drink and to meet with the mayor and sheriff. I hoped the barkeep would have heard more stories from some of the patrons that have come and gone to help us find out more of what is going on. Who could pass up a few drink. I believe that he knows more than he lets on. Or perhaps he doesn’t realize that he knows something. We examined the Smoky Stone a little closer and revealed that it was actually 9 stones fit tightly together to form one. There was a calm and aura about it.

After my watch I was able to recharge myself for about an hour or two. I was awaken by Cerain as he discovered that Amiko had gone missing. A letter was found and her room was undisturbed as if she was never there. The letter said that Amiko was to meet her brother, (Suto), at the Glassworks that their father owned. I hear that Tsuto makes Darcy seem like baby Halfling. We sent the Rogue and Monk to the Glass Works to check things out for their stealth would render them undetectable…little did I know that the rogue would be the clumsiest rogue that I have ever met. Maybe it was the early morning hours and lack of sleep.

After we regrouped we all went to the Glassworks for something seemed amiss. We entered and found pain. We surprised a large group of goblins burning the remains of dead workers. One never gets used to the smell of burning human, or other races, flesh. I’ve smelled it many times. I even remember that smell since I was a baby. Our surprise attacked gave us the upper hand in the fight. I will give a nod of approval to the rogue as threw one of the goblins into one of the furnaces…I will retract that nod as he spilled oil on a bench missing another goblin. In a matter of minutes we destroyed the party and took a prisoner. It turned out to be Tsuto. We discovered a book of detailed attack plans but without dates or times. Amiko is also still alive and is being held at Thisletop to be sacrificed.

My interrogation methods may have upset the monk. I guess my human side of bloodlust broke through and I may have been a bit rough. I just cannot stand when innocent people die and when a son kills a father, the way that he did, and possibly a sister. There is nothing like the bond of family. Even my short lived bond with mine is within me to this day. If the child monk cannot stomach it maybe she should return to the monastery. I do have to remember that she is still a child and not as jaded as I am. She has not traveled the same years I have traveled and not yet seen what I have seen.

I am curious about the goblin tunnels at the Glassworks. We need to get Amiko before it’s too late.



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