- Varisia Unearthed -

The Indros Chronicles - Journal Entry Five

The Journal of Eudoxius Indros

Journal Entry Five [Page 5]

Oathday, 1st of Sarenith, 4710 AR

These are the longest days of my life.

It is the afternoon, possibly early evening- We have traversed the extensive smuggling tunnel system under the city. While navigating the eastern tunnel branch we encountered a lone Sin-spawn guarding the first portion of the passage. Revan stumbled forward missing the vile creature. Taking advantage of the situation I sprung forward filled with the divine might cleaving the distracted Sin-spawn in two. Continuing on we venture forth into a room which we are above on a wooden platform, we continue on clearing our current level until we came into a large poorly lit room. Revan and Arnis were convinced something was on the ceiling, watching them?- well that wasn’t the case at all, they through a torch up as high in the air as they could, getting the attention of a very angry, very disgusting [mutated? experiment?] Goblin Tribe Leader Koravis [identified by the sash he carried]. Immediately the four armed Koravis charges us. The battle was short but intense, we clearly had him out numbered, but that didn’t make him any less fearsome of a combatant. For a goblin leader he seemed out of place, and he didn’t say a word, which for goblins is very odd. They sing, they laugh, they talk – a lot. Between the silence and the extra arms, it is my theory is there is some dark magic or science at work here, possibly some combination there of. Cerein takes some samples and we investigate the wooden grate covers which eerie moans have been emanating since our battle. Below are decrepit ancient zombies.. it seems as though they have been their a very, very long time. From above we smashed all of the wooden covers and with the wood started fires in each pit bringing eternal death to the undead below. In a separate room on this level was a room with red metallic walls [made from red tears?]. In the room were a variety of floating items including a dead maggot ridden crow. After much experimentation and examination we obtained the items in the room, we laughably figured out after a simple levitation spell had been cast on the room. Backtracking now we head below- immediately we are attacked by two Sin-spawn. We dispatch them and move forward. In the next room is a Six foot tall statue of Alaznus [Runelord] holding a book and Ransuer [which I released from her grasp]. Following the passages we come to a room with a pool in its center, it is ornamentaly decorated with skulls around its edge. Immediately a shrieking head with wings flies from the pools center and tries to lock Revan in an embrace [kiss]. Revan resisted and through the head out of the way just long enough for Cerein to take it out with a shot from his crossbow. Cerein collected the head in a bag for further study. Moving on the tunnel branched again we headed right down the more well-lit path to clear the path before checking the other darker route. We come to a small offering shrine to Lamashtu [Note: Needs to be Consecrated/Destroyed] and beyond the shrine are large double doors. Beyond the doors would be our greatest test ever, a winged woman and her Sin-spawn assault us in this unholy cathedral. The battle ends with most of my allies dieing or near death. By a miracle I was able to save them and restore them to rough shape, but they can at least walk now. They were injured as we tried to disable and deactivate the Sin-spawn fountain. [A sentence begins but the writing stops mid word as if the writer’s attention was lurched away by some surprise]



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