- Varisia Unearthed -

The Indros Chronicles - Journal Entry Four

The Journal of Eudoxius Indros

Journal Entry Four [Page 4]

Oathday, 1st of Sarenith, 4710 AR

The festival and unveiling celebrations ended sucessfully, a happy hopeful note for an otherwise grim day. We met with the Mayor, the Sheriff and Shilelu (seems to be an agent or spy of sorts) about the days events and happenings, and another possible attack on Sandpoint. The Sheriff rides to Magnimar for aid since his small militia and town guard will not suffice. He should be at least half-way to there by now. I pray for an expeditious journey and a safe return. There is evil in Sandpoint. The Aasimar Girl Nawalia has been tainted by evil, she was either always a demon or devil spawn, or has been tainted by some evil since she ran away from Sandpoint so many years ago. Could the rumors that she murdered her adoptive father, the previous Cleric who ran the Church here, before he was burned in it? I have come to know of the abomination she has become and wishes to be tainted further still. Tsuto Kaijutsu brother of Amiko Kaijutsu, tricked his sister and kidnapped her. We ambushed Tsuto by accident while searching for Amiko in her fathers Glassworks. He and a nasty little contingent of Goblins slew the staff and Lonjiku Kaijutsu, he was entombed in a glass coffin, perhaps while he was still alive. We thoroughly searched and interogated Tsuto learning the location of Amiko, she is to be some sort of sacrifice, along with Sandpoint to Lamashtu, also known as The Demon Queen, The Mother of Monsters, or Demon Mother. This is the darkest revelation indeed, it is what I feared when we encountered the undead, a great evil is coming and we must stand together against it. I pray my companions are ready for the horrors we will encounter in the coming hours. Arnis seems like he might be the exception, most times he has that stare like, hes seen his fare share, and then some. The way he interrogated Tsuto, I have never seen a man of the cloth be so brutal when hes not engaged in battle, maybe hes lost it a bit? Either way what finally got us the results was hypnosis thanks to Cerein. We sent Tsuto off bound and hooded with guards to be locked away. I think everyone is rested from the battle now and ready to depart.

Craziest thing I’ve seen today: Revan throwing a goblin into a furnace.



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