- Varisia Unearthed -

The Indros Chronicles - Journal Entry One

The Journal of Eudoxius Indros

[written in fine handwriting on the inside front cover: Hope this will come in handy on your journeys -Love Dad]

[Written in a similar but not the same handwriting: Eudoxius Indros]

Journal Entry One [page 1]

Oathday, 25th of Desnus, 4710 AR

It has been a few hours since the sun has past the horizon. I have watched the stars appear one by one until they filled the entire nights sky pondering the cuurent events. Fulfilling the Right of Paladin-hood, taking a seat on the Varisian Council, and the Red-Rush amongst other things. With the good the bad always seems to follow, I fear that this Red-Rush will only bring unsavory outsiders and turmoil to the region. Perhaps this is why my first duty is to travel to Sandpoint? For now all I know for sure is that I must contact Zantus at the festival for the unveiling of the new Cathedral of Iomedae. This is lucky indeed and I am looking forward to this most joyous occasion.

Dad gave me this journal and some gold [he said hes too old to be picking out my gear for me, and he couldn’t be more right, I only wish this day came sooner HAH!] after the ceremony today (joining the Varisian Council), I’m already putting them both to good use, Master Swordsmith Kardis Vaelor has gone to work forging what he calls a Masterpiece. When the sword is completed it will stand 6 feet tall (the blade is 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide, with the hilt being 1 foot long), the blade itself is diamond-sharp, its face intricate and ornate and a hilt that is just as elaborate. Kardis said if he had only two words to describe the sword they would be “Opulent and Lethal”. I have also commissioned the smithing of custom Half-Plate with Aroden and Iomedae’s Holy Symbols embossed in the center of the chest piece. I have also sent a list to the general store of traveling gear I will need. I leave for Sandpoint when everything is in order.



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