- Varisia Unearthed -

The Indros Chronicles - Journal Entry Three

The Journal of Eudoxius Indros

Journal Entry Three [page 3]

Wealday, the last day of Desnus, 4710 AR

The streets are overflowing with people [I would guess the population has reached 1800 easily] and smiles are everywhere, vendors are peddling their wares, and foodstalls line the streets. Wonderful aromas fill my nose and my mouth begins to water. I think once the Mayor and Zantus speak and the unveiling is finished, I might see if I may join them for Food, Drink, and celebration.. this would be a good time to hear what Zantus has to tell me. Some interesting folk here today [People of note: Cleric of Pharasma: name? (I would like to meet this man), I saw a roguish type carrying 2 rapiers with him, does he fight with both of them at once? very interesting. I was very surprised to see a female half-elf monk about, I have only met one monk in my time and that was when I was a boy maybe 15 years ago, friend of dads I think. Hmm now here is a curious fellow, probably here to profit from the dig sites, he dresses the part of both archeologist and mage, if I had to wager, id say hes a wizard, the adventuring sort, not the shut in book reading type, although they are all obsessed with their books and ancient knowledge]. Hes staring at me now.. and hes coming this way.. [to be continued]

[something is written hastily here and then scribbled out, illegible]

Its been dark for sometime now, I sit privately in the Cathedral (just finished with prayer and meditation), the opaque white orb sits in my lap as I contemplate the days events. I feel surprisingly calm. Everything happened so fast today. So much death in the air now, on our hands, on the hands of others, and on the hands of the one pulling the strings [Councilman Fernik Maire? does it go beyond this man?].

Ah, Right. Where I left off. Cerein Longmeadow, the Archaeologist Wizard, approached me this morning prior to the consecration and ceremony for the new Cathedral. It turns out he is the right hand man to Professor Medrine the foremost expert on Thassilonian Society/Culture and is leading one of the excavations near Sandpoint. Well shortly after speaking to Cerein about the history of the old church, (It was burned to the ground by Nawalia an Aasimar Girl who was taken in by the former Priest, he died in that fire, many speculate he was murdered by Nawalia who wished to run away with a Blooded Varisian whom he disapproved of) speeches began and the ceremony was going to take place. Then it all came crashing down, there was a shriek, then dogs barking, then a scream [through the crowd a Goblin slicing a dogs throat], then more screams, the crowd disperses, doors slam, Goblins are everywhere, they sing their song, their warchanter beating its drum, Just as fast as they attack, we act to defend the town, when I say we I talk of the brave few who stood with me to put order to chaos. [Cerein Longmeadow, the Monk Shilani, and the man with the 2 Rapiers named ‘R’? it turns out he wields BOTH in combat, what a delight to behold] We quickly dispatched the first group of goblins accompanied by a nasty female Warchanter. [note: the sword was the best investment, it makes short work of these foes] Shortly after Aldern Foxglove comes stumbling out of the White Deer Inn [Formerly Black Deer Inn -Burned down in a fire] chased by what I would call a Goblin Mange-Rider, the disgusting beast he was riding was like no dog I have ever seen, mostly hairless and wholly disgusting. The Goblin Mange-Rider knocks Aldern to the floor, Quickly we close the distance and I get between Aldern and the Goblin Mange-Rider, distracted by my Allies I am able to get Aldern up and on his way to safety. From around the side of the Inn come more goblins, they shout and scream “the town is ours”. We dispatch the Goblin Mange-Rider and his accompaniment of goblin friends, this time not as easily as the last. This sets in motion a full retreat, as they run away yelling about a smokey-stone [the orb I now hold] and that the town will be theirs tomorrow. During our battle a trade wagon on fire rolled by and threatened to burn down the new cathedral, but we were in time to quell the flames.

Together we now head into the Cathedral, R and Shilani are called away to a Shoanti Tribe meeting? I am not certain on the specifics. Cerein and I speak to Zantus, Mayor Kendra Deverin and Aldern Foxglove [local noble]. “The Ceremony must go on” they said, it will take place before the new day. During our talk with them we were joined by a Pharasma Cleric, Arnis. The three of dus decide to investigate the attack, Arnis is looking for Jula a Pharasma Priest who has gone missing, he might find his answers with us. First stop The Curious Goblin, to see Chask the proprietor (Zantus tells us he has dealings with a peaceful? intelligent? goblin). The Curious Goblin has a certain charm and appeal, the sign portrays a goblin with big eyes reading a book twice his size. There are many books as well as trinkets all over this shop, the prices seem steep, like maybe the owner just wants a place to show off his collection rather than actually sell anything. Chask turned up a dead end for information but Brodert Quink [retired Historian and Cataloger of the Grand Library in Magnimar] told us about “old light” some Thassilonian ruins and other information that might pertain to what has happened today, we ask about supplies for Cerein and are told of the Feathered Serpent. Off to the Feathered Serpent it is. Cerein procures some reagents for casting and we speak with Vorvishalle [owner. a very excited young wizard. seemed extremely happy we were there]. We inquire where to get information or procure what we are looking for, and we are pointed to the best information broker in the city. The Ginger Crimelord Glar [at the time we just had a description] was said to be at his usual spot, The Fat Mans Feed Bag, also known as The Fat Bastard to some. Before heading to the fat bastard, we returned to the Rusty Dragon, where we are all now staying and unloaded some gear and valuables. On the way we canvas the crowds of people who are now back out for information. I heard some wild stories about The Sandpoint Devil and Chopper’s Ghost, but nothing that really seemed to be related to today’s events.

The Fat Mans Feed Bag: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Inside the patrons are rowdy, drunk, and obnoxious, some made snide sarcastic comments about us as the heroes of Sandpoint. I bought the bar a round and suddenly we’re their best friends. We are pointed to the Ginger we seek and Cerein begins to talk to him alone, unsure of how its going, and having questions of my own I appoach and join the discussion. We obtain the information we were looking for and start out for Lubris Imports to speak with Darsy.

Arriving at Lubris Imports the front door is opened and completely dark inside, we knock and the door creaks open. Cerein casts a light spell on a gold piece and uses the beam of light to illuminate the room before us. Two dead or dieing men lay against the wall with a little girl crying over them. It was an ambush, the girl was actually an Illusionist Woman, and two armed men come out of the room to the left. Dispatch the two men, I cut one of these men clean in two. The woman we stabilize and interrogate. Darsy is behind this, Cerein feels he needs to get the sheriff. Arnis and I try the door to the room, its locked, without thinking I smash through it, once through we see the door to a side room still swinging as if just used, no one is in this room, we search carefully and find a trap door leading to the underdocks of Sandpoint, we followed the evidence of recent foot traffic to the dock guard and with a little persuasion he agreed to let us pursue our quarry, he also confirmed it was the blue miners who passed through and informed us of which boat he was on. We stayed out of sight until Cerein made it back to us. With him was Sheriff Belor Hemlock. We boarded a small rowboat and crept up on Darsy and his Crew, when we were about half-way there they noticed us. We had little to no trouble from the crew as we tried to board, but as soon as we were all on deck Darsy sicked his goons on us. They never stood a chance. Surrounded and out numbered Darsy surrendered, and after interrogating him we tied him up. We found the hold of the lower ship where the smokey stone was as well as the goods from robbed caravans, including the missing caravan Cerein was waiting for [will try to return the goods to their rightful owners if at all possible]. Cerein then opens the door to another hold on the ship, out rush three undead miners. Arnis and Cerein are paralyzed by the undead, the Sheriff and I hack through the bloated corpses, but not without taking a few blows from those undead bastards. We discuss the plan of action and the Sheriff then hoods the prisoner and leads him off to the jail (grabbing the Illusionist woman on the way), I secure the smokey stone and head to the Cathederal to get help for my compatriots. The Sheriff also put a secret security detail on the Hydras Fang allowing no one on or off. We informed Mayor Kendra Deverin to be cautious of Councilman Fernik Maire and to not trust him, but to act normal around him. Fernik plots to become mayor of Sandpoint and ordered the murder of Lubris of Lubris Imports. So I now wait for word that the ceremony will begin again. So much to take in.



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