- Varisia Unearthed -

The Indros Chronicles - Journal Entry Two

The Journal of Eudoxius Indros

[written in fine handwriting on the inside front cover: Hope this will come in handy on your journies -Love Dad] – [Written in a similar but not the same handwriting: Eudoxius Indros]

Journal Entry Two [page 2]

Toilday, 29th of Desnus, 4710 AR

I arrived in Sandpoint on Starday and checked in with Aimiko Kaijutsu -owner of the Rusty Dragon. My room is quite nice, I’m told this is the room father takes on visits to Sandpoint. This city is small and Charming compared to Magnimar, the new cathedral is by no question not only the newest, but also the largest structure in the city, and the architecture is definitely Magnimarian, yet it incorporates local aesthetics as well to keep with the feel of the city. Collections of camps, tents, and make-shift housing litter the alleyways and what were empty lots within the city and outskirts. Since my arrival a few days ago, I have witnessed the population rise from about 1200 to 1500 in just 3 days, with more coming to the city at all hours. There has been talk of missing and delayed caravans by the locals at the tavern, I have also overheard some shoanti laughing over an encounter with a goblin that chased the wheel of their caravan on their way to Sandpoint, the one said “he might still be stuck to the wheel” jokingly. Tomorrow once the ceremony and unveiling is finished I will pray at the new cathedral[the old church of Desna and its cleric burned to the ground about 5 years ago], and talk with Zantus. After my business is conducted I think I will try to enjoy the festivities. Father asked if I could say hello to an old friend of his, Aldern Foxglove [the innkeeper said to check the tavern tomorrow around 11am, that he should be there]. I should rest.. tomorrow will be long indeed.



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