- Varisia Unearthed -

The Indros Chronicles - Journal Entry Seven

The Journal of Eudoxius Indros

Sunday, 4th of Sarenith, 4710 AR

Its been two days since last I wrote in this journal, though it feels like a calendar year has passed. I believe the popular saying is “No rest for the weary”, a truer statement there is not. For as soon as I return to Sandpoint I am torn from this small city that has grown close to my heart. Sheriff Belor Hemlock’s return is overdue. Cerein, Arnis and I ride for Magnimar to investigate. En route to Magnimar trying to blaze a trail through spring growth and washed out roads in unrelenting torrential downpours we have been detoured twice now. Yesterday we were drawn from the road to a small farm. Death and evil permeated every inch of the property and neighboring wilderness. The bodies of family members laid face down in the dead grasses in front of the house. Upon investigation of the home we found a black scorched room much akin to what we found back in the private holding cell in Sandpoint. We also made and important find in the form of ________ (data missing). Upon attempting to depart from this desecrated homestead we were confronted by the once living inhabitants and an undead treant which we dispatched in short order. After departing we rode as hard as weather permitted for our destination until we were waylaid by a pack of the largest wolves I have ever seen. The wolves set upon us as we were approaching this wilderness camp where I now sit. It seems as though this man and his son are transporting some infants to an orphanage from Magnimar and made camp here for the night- I feel as though they would have all perished had we not arrived when we did. The father is stable but unconscious and his son and the children are safe. We were able to learn very little from the boy, hopefully his father will be able to tell us more when he comes to, until then I suppose we will be babysitting.



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