- Varisia Unearthed -

Treachery abound

Today has been a day of intrigue, death and the fear of dying. I fear my skill is lacking in the world of adventuring and may lead to a early demise. I know it is my path to be separated from my family to live in the world of man, to be “Forlorn”. Forlorned, I don’t care to be marked by that word, if we don’t learn the workings of the world of man, I feel we are destined to become another fallen race and only be talked of in fables and lore, another story to be told to children or lost in the books of historians. I fear that one day someone will be digging up and chronicling the remains of our strongholds trying to figure out what has happened to the world of elves. The irony is not lost on me, that this is the path I am now following….

The Swallow Tail festival began today, Sandpoint was christening a new multi faith Church. The speakers are the head priest of Iomedae a man named Zantus and the towns Mayor Kendra Deverin. There was a tall armored human in the crowd who stood out at the front of the crowd assembled, his sword as wide as a small child and as tall as I and he has armor that could almost rival the quality of dwarves and the fine artistic details of the elves. I think this may be the Paladin of Aroden. There were another pair of adventures in the middle of the crowd, the male wielding 2 thin swords, the names of that particular weapon escape me as I write this(insert weapon type later), another warrior or someone who is adept at emptying the pouches of unsuspecting persons? The girl who is his companion has caught my attention, she has the build of a youthful warrior with the scars to match, but no noticeable weapons or no armor. I think she spoke to her companion in Shoanti, but I am no eavesdropper so I did not try to listen to their conversation.

I did introduce myself to the man I suspected to be the Paladin, and I was right! We spoke for a few minutes before the ceremony began. I learned his name is Eudoxius Indros, I will have to ask Professor Medrine if his surname is familiar to him.

Chaos erupted, first a scream then a guttural yell. Next thing I know I was being shoved as people ran from the church and from the corner of my eye I spotted something on fire rolling towards the church. The square emptied pretty quickly and some people who I suspected were adventurers were no where to be seen. All that was left was the Paladin, myself, the 2 I suspected were Shaonti and a score of Goblins. My heart was racing and it felt like thunder in my ears, as I steeled my self for battle I realized the thunder was not in my mind, but a actual drum being beaten behind us where the flaming wreckage was. We were between 2 sets of goblins and the one with the drum seemed to be in charge of this group, was it a shaman or something else higher than the normal goblin?

The paladin ran into the first group of goblins and the 2 Shaonti followed. The paladin cleaved a goblin in two and I swear the young woman punched a goblin and it fell, then warrior or rogue was wielding both blades, it was like watching a whirling dervish. As I came out of my amazement, I cast a spell hoping to help the defenders and seeing my spell have a effect on the goblins. The first group of goblins were dispatched and then the second were on us. I stayed in the background as my skill is with magic and the crossbow, I have been trained with the quarterstaff, but feel more comfortable with the accuracy I have with the crossbow. My only combat spell I know was not much help, but I did manage to score a hit to the drum wielding goblin and daze it so the Paladin could deliver the killing blow. Now we had a fire to smother so the new church did not succomb to the fate of its predecessor. Finally some town folks have come out to provide assistance. We decided to wander the town to see the damage the goblins inflicted and every once in a while we could hear the goblins scurrying about at the fringe of town.

A man came bursting out of the White Deer inn, pursued by a goblin riding a filthy beast, it looked like a large dog with mange or some other skin disease. Not a creature I would want barreling down on me as I lay on the ground. Thankfully Eudoxius was able to get between the man and the goblin on the beast. Around the corner of the building came another group of goblins who chased a dog and killed it. What is with these goblins and their hatred for animals, especially the canine animals. They were screaming with excitement over the kill of the animal, this enraged me as I cannot stand cruelty to animals. As we engaged the goblins it seems the battle was going in our favor until the Shaonti girl Shilani fell, the paladin was struck with something. Are was holding his own against 2 goblins, but he was hurt and it seemed like he was gaining the upper hand. A goblin made it within striking distance of me and made a action against me, but luck was on my side as it fumbled with it’s weapon I was able to strike it down with my staff. It laid there broken, its head at a odd angle and a pool of blood forming at the side of the head. Eudoxius and Are killed the main goblin and its steed. A few goblins came onto this seen and quickly retreated screaming that the town would be theirs and a cryptic phrase about a smoky orb.

The man who was almost killed turned out to be a local noble named Aldern Foxglove. He assisted us in taking Shalani to the church hoping the priests would be able to heal her, Eudoxius needed to be treated for a skin affliction, Are suffered some cuts from the goblins weapons and somehow I was untouched.

So much has happened today I think the church is going to have to reschedule its christening.



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