House Rules

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Some things allowed, disallowed or modified for this campaign.

Character Creation

We use the following guidelines for character creation:

  • Pathfinder System
  • Ability scores method: 24d6 are rolled, drop lowest 6. Then each player than uses the same list of the remaining 18 numbers and assigns three to each ability score, using each number only once. These 18 numbers are recorded to be used by any future characters
  • Max HP at 1st-level
Additional Allowed Character Races
Character Traits
  • Each PC can choose two Character traits at creation traits One of which needs to be a Social or Region Trait.
Bonus XP for RolePlaying & Prowess
  • After each session we go around the table and describe acts done by OTHER characters in the session that could possibly warrant bonus XP
Bonus XP for Character Journal Entries
  • If players write up a post-session journal entry for their character they will receive an XP bonus.
Bonus “Fate Points” (aka Action/Karma Points)
  • The GM may award additional Fate Points during the session for exceptional or creative roleplaying, dramatic stunts or skillfully moving past an encounter.
Fate Points maybe spent in the following manner:
  • Add or subtract d6 + level to any attack roll, skill check, saving throw or ability check by the character or their opponent.
  • Confirm a critical hit made by your character.
  • Make something awesome happen – GM will improvise.

House Rules

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